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Comprehensive Eye Exams 

We provide eye care for all ages and customize the exams accordingly. We perform special testing for children to ensure proper development of the eyes. The doctors also want to provide our older population with the best vision possible to make certain that they experience the highest quality of lifeWhatever your age, the comprehensive eye exam includes an informative discussion with a doctor you will get to know and trust. It's the feeling that someone truly cares about your vision.




Evaluations of Refractive Staus

Whether you are interested in glasses, contact lenses, or both, our doctors will provide you with the most accurate prescription to fit your needs. You are an individual with specific visual requirements and our doctors recognize that. Every occupation has different environmental demands. Driving, computer work, paperwork, fine detail work, all can require different types of correction. Special testing will be performed to fit you with the most appropriate prescription. We will even demonstrate your new prescription for you before we have it made so you can see the improvement!

Our doctors also work with you as an individual with specific visual requirements. Are you on the computer all day? Do you do excessive amounts of reading, or are you a truck driver? Every occupation has different visual requirements. We will prescribe glasses or contact lenses appropriate for you.

Comprehensive Ocular Health Evaluations

Our doctors have been highly trained in the treatment and management of infections and ocular disease including glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertensive ocular changes. They are certified in the State of Florida to administer diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical agents. Many bacterial, allergenic, and viral eye problems can be treated in our office. Our doctors are fully certified to diagnose and treat glaucoma and other eye diseases. Our office has the very latest diagnostic instruments in order to better care for the various eye problems associated with glaucoma, macular disease, and diabetes.

Latest Optical Services

We proudly provide access to the latest technology in the optical

business. In the past, higher prescription lenses could prove to

be cosmetically unappealing and uncomfortable. Now, lenses can be made thinner and lighter than ever. We offer the latest in fashion and a large selection of frames to suit any style and budget: Calvin Klein, Polo, Gucci, Guess, Nine West, Flexon, Silouhette, Nike, Escada to name just a few! Our optician will work with your doctor to provide the optimum in fit and fashion.

Urgent Eye Care including foreign body removal, traumatic injuries, and infections
In most cases, traumatic injuries to the eyes must be addressed immediately. We provide 24 hour on call service so we can be there for you no matter what time of day. Our doctors are specially trained to evaluate and treat ocular injury. When necessary, we have a close working relationship with area eye surgeons to ensure you get the best possible urgent care.

Dry Eye can be a result of traumatic injury to the eyes and usually requires immediate care. If you experience irritation, tearing or burning, you may have dry eye. Artificial tear eye drops may lessen your symptoms, but newer treatments are available for more severe cases. Hormonal changes, autoimmune disease and other medical conditions such as diabetes may be associated with dry eyes. We will evaluate the severity of your dry eye and recommend the best treatment for you.


Speciality Contact Lens Fittings

Have you ever been told that you are not a candidate for contact lenses? New technology has made it possible for more patients to wear contacts comfortably and obtain crisp, clear vision. Many different brands of contact lenses are available to fit a variety of needs. We carry a large supply of disposable sperical, toric, bifocal, and cosmetic contact lenses for you to try and often, leave with the same day!

Have you ever wanted to change your eye color? We carry the newest Acuvue Colors contacts that provide comfort, clarity, and can change your eye color. If your eyes are dark and prefer a more dramatic effect, we also carry Freshlook Colors and Colorblends.

We are proud to provide contact lens fittings for RGP wearers, patients with astigmatism, and patients who need a little extra help up close!

Whatever your need, we offer complete evaluations, training and follow-up care with your fittings. We closely monitor you to ensure that you have the very best vision possible and maintain the healthiest eyes possible

Refractive surgery evaluations and referrals
Would you like to be less dependent on your eyeglasses, or possibly get rid of them all together? We provide complete refractive surgical consultation and evaluation for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our doctors work closely with eye specialists who are available for surgical correction of most refractive conditions.

There are many things to consider before undergoing a refractive procedure. Our doctors will closely evaluate you to determine your appropriateness for refractive surgery and give you an honest medical opinion. We will educate you on what to expect postoperatively and manage your eye care after surgery.

Retinal Photography

We are proud to have available the most advanced equipment to diagnose and document your eye health Our digital retinal camera will take a photograph of the internal health of your blood vessels, optic nerve, retina and macula to help us better diagnose many eye diseases (and sometimes tell us about the health of your body). These photographs will also help us compare any changes that have occurred since your last eye exam.

In the past, to document the health of our eye, we have had to rely upon hand drawings of abnormalities and standard grading systems to determine if any progression or new irregularities occurred. Now we are able to photograph and compare details we see during your routine exam and will be able to pick up even minute changes and alter our treatment accordingly. Your digital photographs will aid in earlier detection and treatment of many eye diseases. This will help us in monitoring macular degeneration, glaucoma, hypertensive retinopathy, diabetic eye disease, ocular freckles, high cholesterol and much more.

We highly recommend that each patient take advantage of this technology. We cannot emphasize how important this information can be to evaluate and compare your present condition to your future ocular health. In some cases we may strongly advise that you take advantage of this technology so that we may photo document a current condition that you may have.