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Welcome to Envison Eye Care your family optometrist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We provide eye care for all ages and customize the exams accordingly. We perform special testing for children to ensure proper development of the eyes. The doctors also want to provide our older population with the best vision possible to make certain that they experience the highest quality of life. Whatever your age, the comprehensive eye exam includes an informative discussion with a doctor you will get to know and trust. It's the feeling that someone truly cares about your vision. Schedule an appointment today!


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Your comprehensive eye exam will be the most thorough. It will include careful examination the health of your eyes utilizing the latest in technology. Your optical prescription is determined, and we will review the vision correction options that are appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Our opticians will educate you on the newest optical lens technology and ensure your eyeglass frames fit well and are stylish.

Our doctors will verify your contact lenses are comfortable and provide for you a functional healthy alternative to spectacles. We do not believe in the “good enough” philosophy. We see each patient as an individual, taking your individual needs into consideration. We know that there is not only one vision correction solution and we will take the time to advise and provide the solutions best for you!

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We also offer after hour emergency services. Once you are an established patient with us, we recommend you reach out to us in emergency.