Comprehensive Eye Exams

We provide eye care for all ages and customize the exams accordingly. We perform special testing for children to ensure proper development of the eyes. The doctors also want to provide our older population with the best vision possible to make certain that they experience the highest quality of life. Whatever your age, the comprehensive eye exam includes an informative discussion with a doctor you will get to know and trust. It's the feeling that someone truly cares about your vision.


Evaluations of Refractive Status

Whether you are interested in glasses, contact lenses, or both, our doctors will provide you with the most accurate prescription to fit your needs. You are an individual with specific visual requirements and our doctors recognize that. Every occupation has different environmental demands. Driving, computer work, paperwork, fine detail work, all can require different types of correction. Special testing will be performed to fit you with the most appropriate prescription. We will even demonstrate your new prescription for you before we have it made so you can see the improvement!


Comprehensive Ocular Health Evaluations

Consider us your primary care provider for your eyes. If further testing or treatment is required for you eye health, we will quickly recommend the appropriate specialist for your needs. Our doctors have been highly trained in the treatment and management of infections and ocular disease including glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertensive ocular changes. Our office has the very latest diagnostic instruments in order to better care for the various eye problems associated with glaucoma, macular disease, and diabetes. Our doctors are certified in the State of Florida to administer diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical agents.


Many bacterial, allergenic, and viral eye problems can be treated in our office. Foreign bodies, contact lens related complications, ocular trauma are often more appropriately treated in an optometric setting as an opposed to an urgent care. We are licensed to treat and manage anterior segment conditions and can do so with the use of a biomicroscope. 

Treatment of Ocular Emergent Conditions